Wey Navigation – Shalford to Godalming

Shalford railway bridge carries the Reading – Redhill/Gatwick route. Major refurbishment took place during 2007/2008 and the offside channel was dredged so boats can now use both arches. Broadford – lovely early morning summer scene Stonebridge Wharf. This was regularly serviced by barges off the nearby Wey and Arun Junction… Read more“Wey Navigation – Shalford to Godalming”

Wey Navigation – Town Mill to St Catherine’s

The Town Mill at Guildford. This used to be the unofficial terminus of the Wey Navigation beyond Town Wharf – until 1764 when the Godalming Navigation opened. Despite the older and narrower Town bridge below Millmead records show that barges squeezed through to serve the Mills. The Toll House is… Read more“Wey Navigation – Town Mill to St Catherine’s”

Wey Navigation – Stoke to Guildford Wharf

General view of Stoke lock with Beauchamp (not the electric powered one!) The navigation passes the large Slyfield Industrial Park as it makes it way to rejoin the river by Stoke bridge. The start of the ‘flowing river’ constructed by Sir Richard Weston in 1618 was to the left of… Read more“Wey Navigation – Stoke to Guildford Wharf”

Wey Navigation – Worsfold to Stoke

Worsfold Gates are brought into use when the river is above normal levels. Previously under the old Wey trustees and the Stevens family the gates at Worsfold and Walsham were operated at all times. Between Weybridge and Send the navigation consists mainly of artificial cuts, however from Send to Godalming… Read more“Wey Navigation – Worsfold to Stoke”

Wey Navigation – Newark to Worsfold Gates

The Navigation splits from the river briefly as it passes Newark Abbey & the old mills. The priory dates from the 12th Century and was dissoluted by Henry 8th A winter view of the navigation by the site of the old Newark Mill. The mill had five floors, three waterwheels… Read more“Wey Navigation – Newark to Worsfold Gates”

Wey Navigation – Parvis to Walsham Gates

The navigation winds past Dodds and Murrays bridges as it heads towards Pyrford. In the early days the navigation met the river below Pyrford. The river has long since been diverted via Wisley, a couple of miles away. Quite a few of the delightful canal bridges have names and dates… Read more“Wey Navigation – Parvis to Walsham Gates”

Wey Navigation – Coxes Mill to Parvis Wharf

The imposing Coxes Mill towers over the surrounding countryside Coxes Mill, which has the fairly unusual distinction of being sited on a canal rather than a river. As history puts it, the Wey navigation’s last working boats operated to Coxes Mill until 1969 (with a short resume in the 1980’s.)… Read more“Wey Navigation – Coxes Mill to Parvis Wharf”