Wey Navigation – Shalford to Godalming

Shalford railway bridge carries the Reading – Redhill/Gatwick route.

Major refurbishment took place during 2007/2008 and the offside channel was dredged so boats can now use both arches.

Broadford – lovely early morning summer scene

Stonebridge Wharf. This was regularly serviced by barges off the nearby Wey and Arun Junction canal and by powder barges which took gunpowder from nearby Chillworth to the amoury factories at Woolwich.

Above Stonebrigde Wharf is the entrance to the Wey and Arun. The junction is known also as Guns Mouth.

The former route to Arundel and Portsmouth has been disused for nearly 130 years but an active society has restored several sections. No doubt one day boats could travel at least as far as Arundel or even Littlehampton on the Sussex coast.

Thames & Chiltern hotel boat at Peasmarsh.

Between the Wey & Arun junction and Unstead lock is the bridge carrying the Wey South footpath. This follows in large the old Guildford – Horsham railway line for a good bit of the route until the Wey & Arun itself is attained on the far side of Linnersh Wood.

A walk along this path will reveal bits of the old canal. Mind you, the old Gosenden aquduct and the lock keepers house at Bramley are not so easy to find. One can walk over the aqueduct without realising it is there!

The approach to Unstead Lock

Guildford Princess at Unstead.

Moo-ing and mooring in the peaceful meadows above Unstead. From Unstead to Godalming the river narrows

The Manor Inn, Farncombe

Trowers bridge. Its also known as Perry bridge and is marked as such on maps

Farncombe Boat House. Straight through the bridgehole is Cateshall, the last lock en route to Godalming

Godalming Wharf with horse drawn boat Iona leaving for a round trip to Unstead

Godalming Wharf with Iona and boat horse. The wharf is very close to the town centre and is adjacent to Sainsbury’s and Waitrose supermarkets

Plaque on the wharf buildings – self descriptive. However it doesnt absolve the somewhat melancholy air faced by boaters who arrive at Godalming Wharf

Lammas lands, Godalming. The navigation finishes where the narrowboat is moored.

There are regular bus services to many nearby places and two of these (the 42 and 44 services – not Sundays) will take one directly to the famous Winkworth Arboretum a few miles away near Busbridge. Good walks can also be had along the old Wey & Arun canal using the same bus services.

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