Wey Navigation – Parvis to Walsham Gates

The navigation winds past Dodds and Murrays bridges as it heads towards Pyrford. In the early days the navigation met the river below Pyrford. The river has long since been diverted via Wisley, a couple of miles away.

Quite a few of the delightful canal bridges have names and dates of construction. This is Dodds. Several of these bridges were known by different names when the navigation was first built and Dodds was known as Harris’.

General view of Dodds Bridge – most bridges on the canal sections are similarly styled

Entrance to the Pyrford Marina – the only marina on the navigation. Chandlery, gas, diesel, pump-out, are available

The Anchor Inn and Pyrford Lock. The Inn was reopened in May 2007 after a major refit. Its popularity has soared.

A late 1940s scene at Pyrford Lock:


Pyrford is where the Martians were said to have landed. This little bit of ‘fact’ is a ficton penned in HG Wells’ War of the Worlds. The initial invasion took place at Horsell in Woking before spreading to Pyrford. In the films the landings of course take place in the USA.

John Donne lived here 1600-1604 at Pyrford Place, working as secretary to Sir Francis Wolley. Donne was the son-in-law of Sir George Moore, the 51st Jamestown investor.

Walsham gates are the only remaining turf sided lock and have the last pair of gates on the navigation still using old telegraph poles for balance beams.

Walsham Lock House’s splendid view over the weir pool and River Wey.

General view of Walsham Gates and weir. The lock marks the start of the longest canal section on the Wey Navigation

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